Musician, artist, noise-maker, linguist, translator, procrastinator, obsessive energiser, multi-focused activist, ludicrous antagonist and farcical pre-coffee communicator

Feminist political acoustic punk, (covers and originals), interspersed with copious tangents of Piaf and Brel,

I am a singer/songwriter / song interpreter and noise maker who plays a varied mix of covers that have unapologetically hijacked my mind and which mix with my own compositions and verbal ramblings of rage, humour and other important stuff.  I play a range of styles with influences from around the world including French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and more, from Edith Piaf, Françoise Hardy, to Johnny Cash and Tom Waits.  My styles range from mellow fingerpicking to as dirty a bass raw sound that can be persuaded from a semi-acoustic shiny friend.

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